BlackBerry Torch 9860 and BlackBerry Bold 9900

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BlackBerry Torch 9860 and blackberry bold 9900 review. Research In Motion (RIM) is to come up with a couple of BlackBerry smartphones in reply to its major rival Apple. The new smartphones BlackBerry Torch 8950 and 9860 are respectively a GSM and CDMA versions of an all-touchscreen device.

BlackBerry Torch 8950/9860 is openly aimed as a rival to Apple iPhone that stole control of the smartphone market from BlackBerry, a traditional manufacturer of enterprise smartphones.

The new BlackBerry Torch, a successor to its Storm brand, will have a 3.7-inch touchscreen display, the same size of iPhone 4’s. But the resolution is only 800 x 400, being a big shortfall to iPhone 4’s Retina Display. To remain competitive to iPhone, the new RIM smartphone will have a 5-megapixel camera in the rear panel. But at the same time, the device will lack a front-facing camera for video chatting.

But the thing is that the entire smartphone market is switching to 8-megapixel rear cameras. As per rumors, even iPhone 5 will get an 8-megapixel camera when it is up for sales this fall. Therefore, RIM’s 5-megaixel may not be a point of attraction in the coming months.

The device will get a 768 RAM and 4GB built-in storage. A microSD card slot of capability for 32GB can be used for additional storage, though. The 1230mAh battery of BlackBerry Torch offers 13 days of life on standby. It is also not competent to Apple iPhone 4.

The new BlackBerry smartphone will have GPS, WiFi, an optical touchpad and four physical buttons in the front panel. The device is capable to capture 720p video. Blackberry’s newest software OS 7 will play on the device. However, RIM has provided no details of its price and release date.

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