Blackberry Messenger Via PC

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blackberry messenger Blackberry Messenger Via PCBlackberry messenger is one of the greatest applications ever owned a smart phone blackberry. But for some people, use blackberry messenger with the keypad on the blackberry may be troublesome. While this issue requires only habit. What if there is a way more interesting is the blackberry messenger.

First thing you must meet is a software called “SOTI Pocket Controller Pro” to be installed on the PC. This software is a kind of desktop manager, just that it has more comprehensive features. In addition, you must install a similar application that is specific to smart phones blackberry. This application is actually just a medium for synchronization between blackberry phone with a PC. Are you interested in using the blackberry messenger via PC, and here’s how you can do

Blackberry Messenger Via PC

1.Download SOTI Pocket Controller Pro software in,  Before you download this software, you are required to fill out the form is there and later on the download link will be sent to the email.

2. After a successful download, and install the software on your PC.

3. Now download and install the application SOTI Pocket Controller Pro for BlackBerry, and you can download Blackberry messenger via from blackberry browser or can be downloaded from the blackberry appworld

4. After all process is done and successful, it is time you use the software for run Blackberry messenger

Run SOTI Pocket Controller Pro software on the PC and select the connect menu, select the connection you have handleld media (USB or Wi-Fi). While the synchronization process will take place automatically. And now you can do the blackberry messenger via PC.

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