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Rogers complete pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860 and 9810

BoldTouch9900 1 150x150 Rogers complete pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860 and 9810The rebirth of RIM is almost upon us. Last week Rogers announced their 3-year price plans for the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860 and Torch 9810. The Bold 9900 came in at $249.99 while both the 9810 and 9860 hit the $199.99 mark. A few days ago we revealed the complete price plans for the Bold 9810, no-term cost came in at $549.99 and was $50 less for each of the other yearly contracts. Images have now surfaced online from CrackBerry that shows the complete price plans for the 9900 and the 9860. Also, the 9810 doc looks like it’ll come two colours, grey (chrome) and a white version.

Rumor: BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 more expensive than HTC Sensation 4G?

T-Mobile USA to offer BlackBerry Bold 9900 for $300? More expensive than dual-core Android smartphones?

Is Research in Motion into the Apple-esque style of putting a tag price? 

A new leak posted by TmoNews is claiming that T-Mobile USA could offer the new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 under $300, but that is not contract free — and will include a ball and chain 2 year contract agreement.

According to the document, the new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900, which is the GSM version of Sprint and Verizon’s Bold Touch 9930 will be priced $599.99 off-contract, while the price tag for the Bold 9900 with 2 year-contract is $299.99, and that’s only after a mail-in rebate.

The Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch is an impressive option

The Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch is a highly anticipated mobile phone which is due for release soon. The handset provides a multitude of functionality including Internet access, multimedia capability as well as NFC support. The unit itself has dimensions of 115 mm x 66 m wide whilst being 10 mm thick and weighing 130 g in weight and utilises a 1.2 GHz processor as well is version 7.0 of the Blackberry operating system.

Leaked Verizon Document Reveals New Galaxy Tab, 4G Curve, and More

This year’s holiday season is just a couple of months away and it looks like Verizon has quite a lineup prepared for your shopping needs. A source has provided IGN with a shot of an internal document that lists a number of upcoming devices and their release dates, some we already had a hunch about and others that have yet to be announced.

Among the list of devices and their release dates, one of the most notable is the scheduled November release of a Samsung Galaxy Tab P8, packing Verizon’s 4G LTE radio. Our source was unable to verify what the P8 is referring to, although the yet to be released Tab 8.9 comes to mind.

Motorola Droid Bionic vs Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC Sensation: Who is Winner?

All the three are great smart phone. But the Motorola Droid Bionic vs Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC Sensation fight has just begun

Motorola Droid Bionic is expected to be debuted with leaving a strong impact over the users. It is also expected that the smarthpne will give a strong competition to thwe already available smarphones in the U S market like like the smartphones launched by Apple, Samsung, HTC and RIM’s BlackBerry.

The question that is usually clicking in the minds of the users is about the features’ differences between Motorola Droid Bionic and Apple’s iPhone 5. According to the sources Motorola Droid Bionic will come with several enhancements, including expanded features, functionality and an improved form factor.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 UK Price Revealed

Pricing for the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 has been disclosed, as UK retailers begin taking pre-orders for the slimmest-ever BlackBerry phone.

The svelte 10.5mm thick handset is available free from £30.64 per month on T-Mobile and from a shade over £35 per month on Orange, Vodafone and O2.

Three, which is also set to sell the handset, has yet to unveil its offering.

According to our source at, pre-orders taken now are expected to be despatched between the middle to the end of August.

Motorola Droid Bionic Not Launching Until September?

Over the weekend, a phone that may or may not be Verizon’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II device leaked out. The device in question has a slide-out keyboard, 4G LTE capabilities and a release date that might be closer than we think. Well, it appears there is a good chance that this phone might actually be 4G LTE filler before the Motorola Droid Bionic arrives on Verizon, possibly in September.


Here’s the deal. All along we’ve heard August 4th. Evidence has popped up today that again indicates that Walmart and Sam’s Club are still seeing August 4th as a scheduled release date. However, Droid-Life has also heardsomething else.

Verizon Launches Sign-Up Page for Droid Bionic

The dual-core Motorola Droid Bionic has had a rocky launch life, but a brand-new page from Verizon is now teasing the future release of this much-anticipated 4G smartphone.

Here’s the deal: As we reported last week, when a leaked Best Buy flyer provided a few scant details on the phone for public consumption, the Droid Bionic was originally scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this year. That didn’t happen. And worse, rumors started to fly back and forth that Motorola was considering axing the phone as-is. But based on feedback from the phone’s unveiling at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Motorola eventually came out and said it was now going to be, “incorporating several enhancements to make this (the Bionic) an even better consumer experience.”

A Comparison Of The iPhone 4 And The Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch

The Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch is the handset that RIM hope will rekindle the brands name in the smartphone marketplace. Blackberry have always proved popular amongst certain areas but certainly have lacked the appeal held by the Apple iPhone 4 thanks to its simple operating system and attractive looks. So what does this new handset offer us and ultimately how does it shape up against the all conquering iPhone?

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be launched in a month claims RIM’s Co-CEO

BlackBerry’s latest new handset the Bold 9900 is not far away from launch said the co-CEO of the company Mike Lazaridis, who was speaking at the company’s annual shareholders meeting. blackberry bold 9900 official1 The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be launched in a month claims RIM’s Co CEO

According to him the BlackBerry 9900 will be launched in about a month. He also went on to say that the Bold 9900 will mark the largest global launching in RIM’s market history. This is enough reason to believe that RIM has gone all in on the Bold 9900. And obviously RIM doesn’t want to leave anything half done with this handset and hence this handset has gone through 491 approval programs and 191 carriers.

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