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Telus Leak Reveals Multiple BlackBerry Models, Android Phones

Fall is shaping out to be a busy time of the year for Canadian wireless carrier Telus with multiple smartphone models coming from Samsung, Research in Motion, and Sony Ericsson. In addition to earlier leaks that pegged the iphone 5 for an October 1st launch on Telus, and the BlackBerry Bold 9900 debuting on August 15th on RIM’s home turf, the Canadian carrier will be debuting multiple other BlackBerry models, an unannounced Sony Ericsson Android handset, and the entry-level Galaxy Ace smartphone from Samsung.

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Blackberry 9780 White – A Bold Gadget for Bold People

Blackberry 9780 White is a damn good 3G smartphone packed with QWERTY keypad and lots of superb features. This well built gadget was launched in November 2010 and it was also rumored as BlackBerry Onyx II 9780.

Arresting Looks

blackberry 9780 white Blackberry 9780 White   A Bold Gadget for Bold People

As the name indicates, this worthy smartphone has got bold looks to blow you off. Blackberry 9780 White bears 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm measurement and 104 grams weight. Additionally, the 2.44 inches of TFT display is capable to disperse 65 thousand colors with up to 320 x 240 pixels resolution. Other features of this smart gadget are as Touch-sensitive optical trackpad and QWERTY keyboard.

Best BlackBerry 9700 deals

Canadian manufacturer RIM has built a reputation for producing quality devices which bridge the gap between business and pleasure and the BlackBerry Bold 9700, a messenger-style phone, is a typical RIM device with its solid build quality full QWERTY keyboard. The Bold 9700 is still selling well, and we thought we’d tell you a bit more about it so you can see why.

The device has a 2.44-inch TFT screen which displays 480×360 pixels as well as a touch-sensitive optical trackpad, which makes navigating your way around the Bold 9700′s menus easy as pie. And speaking of the menus, the device runs on BlackBerry OS v5.0, upgradable to v6.0, which means you’ll enjoy the famously friendly and intuitive user  interface, as well as BlackBerry email, which is second to none in terms of mobile email clients.

Awesome Blackberry 9780

Blackberry 9780 Awesome Blackberry 9780Nowadays, blackberry is the smart phone that everybody has. People like to have one of it and they like it because of the features and design that it has. The communication feature is one of the important thing that people like most. The blackberry messenger is the communication feature that will help people in communication become easy and fun. It also supported with the network services. Wi-Fi connection is the network service that will help people to make them easy to connect to the internet.



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