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BlackBerry Torch 2 Ready to Illuminate Rogers

Blackberry Torch 21 300x260 BlackBerry Torch 2 Ready to Illuminate RogersAre you Canadian? Do you love BlackBerry phones? Are you having trouble holding out for the newBlackBerry Torch 2? Well have no fear, hockey fans! Rogers stores across Canada have already started stocking the Torch 2! That’s right–the official release date for the BlackBerry Torch 2 is August 12th and, last time I checked the old calendar, that’s tomorrow! If you absolutely cannot hold out until tomorrow, or want to be the first goalie on the block to light up the arena with a Torch 2, call your local Rogers store and see if they’ll sell you one early. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is available now at Rogers, so see if you can slip the delivery guy a Canadian nickel and score a Torch 2 under the radar.

BlackBerry Torch 2 to launch tomorrow with the new OS 7?

blackberry torch 2 BlackBerry Torch 2 to launch tomorrow with the new OS 7?BlackBerry Torch 2 release date set for tomorrow alongside BlackBerry OS 7

Research in Motion looks set to officially unveil the BlackBerry Torch 2 at a ‘Media Event’ tomorrow with the handset expected to land alongside the company’s latest BlackBerry Operating system.

Believed to be heading for its first official outing at tomorrow’s media event the mooted BlackBerry Torch follow-up is expected to land sporting either the BlackBerry Torch 9850 or BlackBerry Torch 9810 moniker.

Whilst the Torch 2 is the most likely arrival, recent rumours have suggested the handset could land alongside a second, touchscreen device repeatedly leaked as the BlackBerry Monza.

BlackBerry teases new Storm, Curve or Torch today?

BlackBerry is promising a “shiny, new and social all over” phone will be launched today. Late last night, BlackBerry’s Facebook wall and Twitter feed lit up with the news that we’ll see “new devices” with the lastest BlackBerry 7 operating system on board.

Based on the company’s leaked roadmap, we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed for the BlackBerry Storm 3, an all-touchscreen follow-up to the Storm and Storm 2.

The gossip is that the Storm 3 — which has leaked under the name Monaco – will have a 1.2GHz processor and 8GB of memory built in. The screen could be the highest resolution ever from BlackBerry, packing 480×800 pixels into a 3.7-inch display.

BlackBerry 9810 Torch 2 and Touch 9860 press photos show up

BlackBerry 9810 Torch 2 BlackBerry 9860 Touch 297x300 BlackBerry 9810 Torch 2 and Touch 9860 press photos show upAlthough they’re still not officially announced, the BlackBerry 9810 Torch 2 and BlackBerry Touch 9860 have appeared lots of times until now in various leaked photos, and even videos. However, today is the first time we’re seeing press photos of both the 9810 and 9860.

This, of course, means RIM will likely introduce the smartphones soon – and we’ve heard that both of them couldbecome available in Canada starting August.

BlackBerry Torch 2 Release Date Imminent

Blackberry Torch 2 BlackBerry Torch 2 Release Date ImminentRegardless of what the manufacturer would have us believe, the BlackBerry Torch 2 will be launching on the AT&T network in the very near future. A new prototype has come to light and given a world of new insights and updates, though what remains rather odd is the fact that RIM are yet to confirm any concrete details for the Smartphone, or even acknowledge its very existence for that matter.

The latest device to find its way into the hands of industry insiders appears to be much less of a prototype and closer to a final release version that ever before – sporting the previously unseen BlackBerry OS engine and embossed with AT&T branding all over it. A myriad of new carrier-specific apps and features are also present, which would seem to indicate that the final release it indeed only a short time away.

A Quick Review of 50 Applications for the BlackBerry Torch

How many apps do you have on your device? Turns out I have 50. I thought I would go through each one of them with a very quick, one sentence review of each. If you go through the list and know an app that’s better than the one I have, please recommend in the comments. I wouldn’t recommend this many apps as I find the device a little on the sluggish side. If you want your Torch running at full speed, it’s probably best to keep it to a minimal number of apps that you use on a constant basis. Click through for a quick review of 50 apps for the Torch:

RIM BlackBerry Torch 2 Release Date Indications

RIM has been rather notably silent about the upcoming and elusive BlackBerry Torch 2 as of late, but it would now appear nevertheless that the final and official release date is drawing near. The reason for the optimism comes by way of the device having been spotted on the website of the FCC, along with its accompanying profile image. Of course, the details and specifics remain thin on the ground at best, but the size and shape do indeed look remarkably similar to the current version.

BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 2, Sony Xperia Mini Pro & Mini Ray FCC Filings = Release Dates Soon?

FCC Filings usually indicate a release date anywhere from a few weeks to a month away.  We’ve seen the release for the HTC EVO 3D about a month after passing the FCC and a similar time frame for other smartphones.  Here are some recent FCC filings that may indicate that these BlackBerry and Xperia smartphones are going to be released soon.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9930 -Features of the BlackBerry 9930 include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC (Near Field Communications), microSD slot, 5MP camera, 768MB of RAM, 8GB onboard memory, and a 1230mAh battery.  It runs BlackBerry OS 7.  The FCC filing shows it to be a GSM CDMA world phone.
    BlackBerry Torch 2 - Latest rumors suggest a September AT&T release date.  FCC filing shows support for AT&T bandwidth and HSPA+.

BlackBerry OS 7 bringing new keyboard to the Torch 2

Research in Motion may be preparing to launch a new software keyboard with BlackBerry OS 7. According to leaked screenshots from the upcoming BlackBerry Torch 2 smartphone, RIM will be giving the keyboard a bit of an overhaul.

bbkeyboards BlackBerry OS 7 bringing new keyboard to the Torch 2

Both the 9810 (Torch 2) and 9850 (a BlackBerry Storm variation) are expected to benefit from the reformed design, which includes rectangular keys, a more pronounced spacebar, vibrant colors, and an overall cleaner look. The reduction of the keys from rounded corners to 90 degree angles somewhat resembles the Android keyboard.

BlackBerry Torch 2 Prepares for August Launch

It’s been almost a year since RIM launched a new BlackBerry, but the Torch 2 is now expected to be launched on AT&T in August.

In a smartphone world where shiny new contenders arrive every month, RIM hasn’t made a single move since November 2010. How the heck the company has been able to keep sales going for so long without device launches is beyond our imagination. That said, one report recently suggested that at least the Verizon iPhone 4 has been able to give RIM some trouble!

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