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BlackBerry Torch 2 Prepares for August Launch

It’s been almost a year since RIM launched a new BlackBerry, but the Torch 2 is now expected to be launched on AT&T in August.

In a smartphone world where shiny new contenders arrive every month, RIM hasn’t made a single move since November 2010. How the heck the company has been able to keep sales going for so long without device launches is beyond our imagination. That said, one report recently suggested that at least the Verizon iPhone 4 has been able to give RIM some trouble!

BlackBerry Torch 2 slides through the FCC, bound for AT&T?

We’ve already gotten our grubby little mitts on it, and it looks like soon enough you too will be able to wrap your QWERTY-loving digits around a Torch 2. It looks like the display-centric BlackBerry just slid its way through the FCC, sporting 850MHz and 1900MHz GSM bands, indicating this particular model (listed as RDM71UW) is destined for AT&T. Obviously, even if this is in fact the Torch 2, an FCC filing is not exactly a confirmed release date — so don’t start lining up outside your local AT&T outlet just yet.


Top 10 BlackBerry Smartphones

In the fast running life, today everyone wants to have a smartphone that allows multiple tasks on the go. BlackBerry the globally renowned company for its unique Blackberry messenger and excellent devices is working hard to offer best smartphones.

The smartphone manufacturer is facing tough competetion these days from companies like Apple, HTC, Google and Samsung. To beat them up and acquire back its lost market share, the company is soon going to introduce some more smartphones in the global market including India very soon.

1. BlackBerry Bold 9900

BlackBerry Curve 9350 & Torch 9850 Spotted On U.S. Cellular Rebate Form

Well it looks like the BlackBerry Curve 9350 and Torch 9850 are making their way to U.S. Cellular. We know that new BlackBerry products won’t be introduced till the late part of August and that bit of info is further confirmed by the rebate dates on this form, which show a start date of June 15th and end date of November 20th. These are only the dates the rebate form will be valid but that means the Curve 9350 and Torch 9850 will definitely be out within the next few months, hopefully no later than early September.

us cellular mail in rebate form blackberry 9350 9850 BlackBerry Curve 9350 & Torch 9850 Spotted On U.S. Cellular Rebate Form

Blackberry 8520 Red – Good to be Your First Smartphone

Blackberry 8520 Red is certainly an amazing mobile phone and if you are in search of a smart phone first time, so this is a great choice for you. This GSM phone works on 2G network and can be availed in black color. Features of this amazing smartphone have made it a rock star in its range.
Blackberry 8520 Red Blackberry 8520 Red   Good to be Your First Smartphone
Specs List:

Its professional yet elegant body looks classy and its measurement will be noticed as 6cm wide, 10.9cm tall and 1.39cm deep. You will love to hold Blackberry 8520 Red because this nice-looking gadget is just of 106 grams heavy.Inclusion of 256 MB is good with memory card slot owning capability of holding up to 32GB microSD type cards. After knowing its storage capacity, it is needless to say that this mind-blowing phone takes pride to store limitless files inside it.

RIM launches device simulator for BlackBerry Curve Apollo, Torch 2, Monaco

In addition to supporting new Flash developer tools in the latest version of the BlackBerry PlayBook firmware, RIM has announced new device simulators for upcoming, previously-unnannounced OS 7 devices so developers can start developing for them. The biggest thing is making the appropriate changes for screen sizes, which RIM outlined in a handy little table.


RIM confirms that the Apollo 9360 will have a 2.4-inch 480 x 360 screen, the Torch 9810 will have a 3.2-inch 480 x 640 display, and the Monaco 9850 will have a 3.7-inch 480 x 800 display. That all lines up with the leaked spec sheets we had seen earlier, but it’s good to get official confirmation.

New BlackBerry Torch 9860, Torch 9810, Bold 9900 and Curve 9360 to be launched by Bell soon

No less than four new BlackBerry smartphones are reportedly headed to Bell Canada, which is getting ready to launch them starting next month, much to the joy of hardcore BB fans who have been (probably) frustrated lately by the lack of new RIM handsets, and the Android invasion.

First of all, we’ve got the officially announced BlackBerry Bold 9900, which should be released by Bell in late August. Also in late August, the carrier will likely introduce the BlackBerry Torch 9810, aka Torch 2 (featuring a sliding QWERTY keyboard, like the previous Torch model), and the BlackBerry Torch 9860 (a touch-only handset with a 3.7 inch screen).

4G Torch coming to AT&T in August

Bold 9900 said to also arrive in September
From the land of AT&T wireless we hear that BlackBerrys are again in bloom, starting this August with the release of what they are apparently calling the Torch 4G. We have to think that this is most likely the Torch 2 or 9810, if you will, and not the Torch 9860. As far as we can tell, neither one of these is going to have LTE support; and our sources insist that this is the case.

It is far more likely that the 4G that they are referring to is actually just marketing and the only support that it might include is HSPA+, which is higher speed and has been rolled out by AT&T as well as T-Mobile, but it will not be true LTE 4G.

BlackBerry Torch 2 Specifications and Release Date

BlackBerry fans are eager to learn about the latest release BlackBerry Torch 2. There have been lots of information on the internet about the BlackBerry Torch 2 to add to the curiosity of the BlackBerry users. BlackBerry fans are not able to hold back from searching about this latest phone from RIM. However, the users are not able to go by what is said on the web. Some of the resources claim the information on the net about the the BalckBerry Torch 2 is merely a rumor, while others call the information genuine.

blackberry.torch .2 BlackBerry Torch 2 Specifications and Release Date

BlackBerry Bold Touch UK release date

Two companies, Three and Carphone Warehouse have both estimated BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 UK release dates, suggesting that the touchscreen BlackBerry will arrive this summer.

Three has listed the hybrid QWERTY handset as arriving in September, while Carphone Warehouse is a bit more optimistic, expecting the Bold Touch to land in August.

RIM is yet to release a smartphone into the market this year, concentrating its efforts on the QNX-running BlackBerry PlayBook tablet instead.



The company’s fortunes have not fared too well in the meantime, with its stock dropping like a lead balloon after poor financial results and the threat of job cuts imminent.

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